The Ninth Passage will be featured at the 2022 London New Title Showcase  April 5 - April 7 London, UK


While attending his fortieth high school reunion Dean Collins recalls memories long relegated to the subconscious regions of his mind.  Memories of Alec Driver, a WWII vet and rather eccentric musician, and Tracy Ashbury, a talented and hauntingly beautiful student in his high school choir, and the amorous relationship they formed.  Their relationship aroused the ire of the small Florida Gulf Coast community and one individual in particular.  His new job in serious jeopardy prompted certain influential citizens to affect his rescue.  Alec and Tracy’s eventual marriage and his choir’s unprecedented success appear to vindicate Alec’s rescuers or so it seems...

The novel spans the nine-year period from August 1953 to August 1962, a period that saw much change in the community and the lives of its citizens including that of the storyteller as he matures from adolescent to adulthood.  

Among the many controversial events surrounding the subject of the story the most notable is his choir's unprecedented 1958 performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in concert with a full symphony orchestra.  Numerous attempts to chronicle other similar high school performances of Beethoven’s Ninth have proved fruitless both prior and subsequent to 1958.  That does not mean there are none it just means the National Music Education Association has no record of any other attempts.  The Fourth Movement is considered one of the most difficult musical challenges for choral performance.  
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